About Us

In March of 2011, Chris Ronquillo (aka Tony Brooklyn) formed and organized Squared Circle Entertainment LLC, for the purpose of promoting live wrestling events. Lone Star Championship Wrestling was originally branded as NWA Houston, but with an eye for the future, in November of 2014, Ronquillo liquidated his 50% ownership of the NWA global brand and immediately terminated the Houston promotion’s affiliation with the National Wrestling Alliance. Since our debut in April of 2011, Lone Star Championship Wrestling has consistently promoted and presented Texas’ top pro wrestling events. Most live events draw standing room only crowds. Visit our web page for event information.

As a result of sound business management, financial stability and a commitment to presenting quality matches that showcase a talented roster, Lone Star Championship Wrestling has become the hottest professional wrestling promotion in the region. Squared Circle Entertainment LLC, dba Lone Star Championship Wrestling presents the best of live professional wrestling events.  We are currently in search of new venues and will update our schedule soon.  In the interim, accept no substitutes!!!