Lone Star Championship Wrestling August 15 Results

Updated: August 15, 2015


  1. Lone Star Cruiserweight Champion “The Juicy One” Cherry Ramons def. “Unholy” Gregory James by pinfall.
  2. David “Super” Duerpon defeated Real Nigeria when Chaz Taylor allowed himself to be pinned, prompting Prince Kanu to fire him and Hambone. In doing so, he allowed himself to be attacked by his now former-property, Hambone. Lone Star CEO Tony Brooklyn has immediately made a match for September 26, Prince Kanu vs. Hambone. Real Nigeria is no more.
  3. Before Barbi Hayden can defend her Lone Star Women’s title against Kenzie Sykes, they are interrupted by “Loverboy” Matt Riviera and the Empire who admonishes her choice in men. Hayden defeated Sykes by pinfall before being congratulated by Riviera, much to the chagrin by Houston Carson. Carson attacked Riviera but was ambushed by the rest of the Empire who took a chair to Carson’s already injured knee. To add insult to injury, Carson was slapped by his longtime girlfriend Barbi Hayden who has seemed to join the Empire.
  4. Lone Star Tag Team Champions The Empire defeated the Heatseakers by pinfall following interference from Killer Shane and Pretty Tony. The Heatseekers demanded five more minutes but the Empire refused.
  5. “The Maharajah” Raj Singh defeated Xtian Blake by pinfall.
  6. Lone Star Heavyweight Champion “The Big Game Hunter” John Saxon defeated Moonshine Mantell w/ “Dirty” Andy Dalton by submission.
  7. Raymond Rowe defeated “Notorious” Shane Taylor by pinfall. Taylor must now leave Lone Star.