Lone Star Championship Wrestling Reviews “The Path”

Updated: August 25, 2015

“The Path,” the story of Raymond Rowe’s rise to become one of wrestling’s most promising young talents only to have his career halted in its tracks by a near-fatal motorcycle accident to his rehabilitation and reemergence into the superstar that surprised no one who knew him, is an incredibly inspiring tale of perseverance, hard work and friendship.

11930687_10153671593738474_1236233830_nThe film’s message is simple. Get up and fight, no matter what. Surround yourself with good people, do the work, and get up. That in itself is meaningful to anyone who faces hardship, which should include everyone.

But what is most striking about the film is its absolute sincerity, both in Nick Hoban’s directorial tone and in the interviews from Rowe and his colleagues, friends and loved ones. There is no embellishment here. Rowe is completely forthcoming and honest in relaying his wide array of feelings on the subject, and the rest are equally so in their love and respect for him. The fact that Rowe is a phenomenal wrestler is secondary to the fact that he’s a phenomenal human being.

Whether you know Rowe personally, whether you’re a wrestling fan or not, this film is worth watching, and keeping handy to watch again and again when you need a kick in the pants. Stay tuned to Lonestarwrestling.com later this week for an exclusive interview with Rowe himself.

“The Path” is available for DVD and digital download at http://www.raymondxrowe.com/.