Lone Star Cruiserweight Championship

Current Champion:  Americas defeated Danny Ramons on 9/26/15.

Former Junior Heavyweight Champions:

Danny Ramons defeated Rudy Russo at NWA Houston #40 on 5-31-14.

Rudy Russo defeated Ricky Starks 2 falls to 1 in a best of 3 match up at NWA Houston’s “Shakedown” on 8-16-13.

Ricky Starks defeated Ray Rowe on 7-19-13 at NWA Houston’s “Shakedown” event.

Ray Rowe defeated “One Man” Mike Dell on 4-20-13 at NWA Houston’s “Parade of Champoins” Paul Boesch tribute event.

“One Man” Mike Dell defeated David “Super” Duperon on 12-14-12 at NWA Houston’s “Christmas Carnage II”.

David Duperon defeated Rudy Russo on 6-8-12 at NWA Houston’s “Hotter Than Hell”.

Rudy Russo pinned David Duperon on 5-11-12 at NWA Houston’s “Retribution” in a 4 way double title match for the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship and NWA Lone Star Jr. Heavyweight Championship, participants in the match included Russo, Duperon, Kevin Douglas and Mysterious Q.

David Duperon defeated Rudy Russo on 4-13-12 at NWA Houston’s “Shut up and Wrestle II”.

Rudy Russo defeated Bolt Brady on 12-9-11 at NWA Houston’s “Christmas Carnage” to capture the vacated title.

Kevin Douglas vacated the title after winning the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship on 10-7-11.

Kevin Douglas defeated Mr. B on 7-8-11 at NWA Houston’s “Independence Explosion”

Mr. B was awarded the title on 7-8-11 when ACH was unable to defend the title.

ACH defeated Bolt Brady on 6-10-11 at NWA Houston’s “Showdown…Tennessee vs Texas”.

Bolt Brady won a battle royal on 4-8-11 to crown the 1st champion at the inaugural NWA Houston show titled April’s Fools.

* The NWA Lone Star Junion Heavyweight Title originally known as the NWA Houston Junior Heavyweight Title.  A brand new NWA Lonestar Junior Heavyweight title replaced the old NWA Houston Junior Heavyweight title on September 9, 2011.