Lone Star Women’s Championship History

Current Champion:  Barbi Hayden defeated Rachel Summerlyn on 9-14-12 at NWA Houston’s “Lets Roll II”.

Former Women’s Champions:

Rachel Summerlyn defeated Jen Alise on 6-8-12 at NWA Houston’s “Hotter Than Hell”.

Jen Alise defeated Barbi Hayden on 10-14-11 at NWA Houston’s “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil”.

Barbi Hayden defeated Jen Alise on 9-9-11 at NWA Houston’s “Let’s Roll”.

Jen-Alise defeated Barbi Hayden on 8-12-11 at NWA Houston’s “Back to the Old School”.

Barbi Hayden defeated Lillie Mae 4-8-11 at inaugural NWA Houston show titled “April’s Fools”.

* The NWA Lone Star Women’s Title was originally known as the NWA Houston Women’s Title.  A brand new NWA Lone Star Women’s title belt replaced the old NWA Houston Women’s title on September 9, 2011.