NWA Houston #41 Results

Updated: September 11, 2014
Houston 8-2-14

Results from NWA Houston 41, Saturday, August 2 in Cypress, TX

1. Chaz Taylor def. “The Royal Property” Hambone w/ Prince Kanu

2. The Empire welcomed NWA Lone Star Heavyweight Champion Scot Summers to the Hotel Riviera. Summers was then brutally beat down by the Empire before being rescued by Ray Rowe, Chaz Taylor, Houston Carson and David Duperon.

3. “Notorious” Shane Taylor def. Rudy Russo

4. “The Texas Lion” Houston Carson w/ NWA Women’s World Champion def. NWA Lone Star Tag Team Champion “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony

5. Tim Storm def. Raymond “Death” Rowe by DQ

6. NWA Lone Star Tag Team Champion “Lover Boy” Matt Riviera def. “Mad Dog” Ken Johnson by countout.

7. “The Exclamation Point” Steve Anthony def. Scot Summers to become the new NWA Lone Star Heavyweight Champion when Tony Brooklyn threw in the towel to protect a clearly injured Summers.

8. David “Super” Duperon won a Battle Royal to earn a shot at the NWA North American Heavyweight Champion, last eliminating Tim Storm.