NWA Houston #42: Wilcott vs. Duperon Results

Updated: September 11, 2014
Houston 8-23-14

Results from NWA Houston 42
Saturday, August 23, 2014

1. NWA Lone Star Jr. Heavyweight Champion “The Juicy One” Danny Ramons def. Americos by pinfall.

2. “The Texas Torture Machine” DJ King (with “The Benchmark” Silky Baines) def. Purple Haze by pinfall.

3. Tim Storm def. Chaz Taylor by pinfall.

4. NWA Lone Star Tag Team Champions “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony & “Loverboy” Matt Riviera of the Empire def. “The Texas Lion” Houston Carson & Rudy Russo by pinfall.

5. Jax Dane and Shane Taylor came to blows during Dane’s tribute to his injured partner Ray Rowe. The two will face next month in a Lumberjack Match.

6. NWA CEO Chris Ronquillo took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, donating $100 to the Team Gleason foundation, and also allowing fans to pour water on him for donating as well. A total of $500 was raised for ALS research.

7. NWA Lone Star Heavyweight Champion “The Exclamation Point” Steve Anthony def. “One Man” Mike Dell by pinfall.

8. The match between NWA North American Heavyweight Champion “Big Daddy Yum Yum” Byron Wilcott and David “Super” Duperon was ruled a no contest due to interference by the Empire. As a result, Tim Storm, Greg Anthony and Matt Riviera were suspended by 60 days. Rather than be suspended, Steve Anthony has been ordered to defend the Lone Star Heavyweight title on September 20 against an opponent of Chris Ronquillo’s choosing.