NWA Houston Outlaw Championship (Retired)

NWA Houston Outlaw Championship (retired title)

On September 9, 2011 an NWA Houston’s “Let’s Roll” the NWA Houston Outlaw title was unified with the NWA Houston Heavyweight Title.  Jaykus Plisken defeated “Mr. Showtime” Scot Summers to emerge wtih the new NWA Lonestar Heavyweight Title on that night.

Former Outlaw Champions:

Final Outlaw Champion:  Jaykus Plisken defeated Silky Baines on 6-10-11 at NWA Houston’s “Showdown…Tennessee vs Texas”.

“Benchmark” Silky Baines defeated “Backdraft” Chris Lee 4-8-11 at the inaugural NWA Houston show titled “April’s Fools”.

*All Outlaw title matches, including the title unification match on September 9, 2011 were no disqualification matches.