Raymond Rowe Discusses “The Path”

Updated: August 30, 2015

“The Path,” the story of Raymond Rowe’s comeback from a near-fatal motorcycle accident was released earlier this week. Lone Star Championship Wrestling spoke to Rowe to discuss his thoughts on the film, his journey over the past twelve months, and the changes brought about in him.


Q: What made you make this documentary?

A: Nick Hoban at Rez0lution Media contacted me and had the idea of turning the story into a documentary. They said it was a really compelling story. I was just focused on coming back to the ring and not worried about the narrative part of it but he contacted me and we just ran with it.


Q: Did you find it difficult to talk about some of the low points in the past year?

A: Yes and no. I’m an overly honest person. That works both to my advantage and disadvantage. So I don’t mince words and I call it like it is. In that way, it was just me sitting down and talking honestly. It’s hard for me to reflect on that part in my life just because of how traumatic and emotionally charged things were. But talking about it wasn’t nearly as hard as going through it.


Q: In the film, you and others commented that you came back to the ring with a whole new level of intensity. With that in mind, do you feel that the whole experience has made you a better person or better wrestler? Do you feel you’re better for having gone through that or do you feel, “Nah, I could have done without that part?”

A: I don’t know if better person is the right way to describe that. I definitely have a different perspective on things. When you’re looking at multiple medical professionals and they literally tell you, “You should be dead right now,” it kind of changes how you look at things and what’s important and what’s not. So in that way, it crystalized some perspective for me. It really hammered home that we don’t have a lot of time on this planet and if you waste a day, you’ll never get that back. I think it definitely has made me more aware of the fact that I’m living this life. I have a shelf life on this planet, I have a shelf life in this sport and I have a shelf life doing what I’m doing at the level I’m doing it at. So I want to take advantage of every opportunity and every situation that comes my way.”


Q: What do you fans and viewers to take away from the film?

A: I think if it can reach one person and help them keep fighting if they’re going through a rough patch or they’re feeling down or not sure if they’re only person struggling, if it can help one person to know that they’re not the only person working and fighting and know they’re not alone, it was all worth it.


“The Path” is available on DVD and digital download at www.raymondxrowe.com.