Summers’ Win Reversed, Saxon Remains Champion

Updated: November 13, 2015

Much to the dismay of all involved, with the obvious exception of John Saxon, Lone Star CEO Tony Brooklyn and Senior Official James Beard have been forced to nullify Scot Summers’ win of the Lone Star Heavyweight title from Saxon on September 26. Summers had seemingly pinned Saxon when replacement official Houston Carson counted Saxon down after Beard, the original referee assigned to the match, was incapacitated following an assault from Saxon.

However, it is the judgment of Beard that had he not been incapacitated, it would have been his intention to disqualify Saxon. As a result, the winner of the match is Scot Summers, but John Saxon still remains Lone Star Heavyweight Champion. However, Saxon is now required to put the title on the line on November 27 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina at WrestleCade in a triple threat match against Carson and Raj Singh.

“It is unfortunate that for the second time, Scot Summers, through no fault of his own, has had the Lone Star Heavyweight title taken from him,” said Brooklyn. “However, in order to ensure that Lone Star Championship Wrestling continues to hold a reputation for being an honorable organization, rules and procedures must be adhered to. Therefore, regretfully, John Saxon is still the Lone Star Heavyweight Champion.”