The Empire Strikes Back

Updated: August 24, 2015

There is no denying that at Lone Star Championship Wrestling, 2014 was the Year of the Empire. “Loverboy” Matt Riviera and “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony did what they wanted, whenever they wanted, to whomever they wanted. They won the Lone Star Tag Team titles in their very first night in the territory and cared not to what depths they had to sink in order to hold on to them.

And then on October 25, it was all over. The Empire lost both the Lone Star Tag Team and Heavyweight titles all in one night and Riviera’s antics earned him his second suspension of the year, sidelining him for an astounding five months. It seemed as if, thanks to the efforts of Houston Carson, Rudy Russo and David Duperon, among others, Lone Star would finally experience a time of relative peace.

11960396_790882691031403_318221947_oBut that peace would be short-lived. Riviera and the Empire would return in 2015, more arrogant and devious than ever, and on July 12, would defeat three other teams to recapture the Lone Star tag titles, and most recently added the Lone Star Women’s Championship to their collection when they convinced Barbi Hayden to join their ranks.

The Empire would have you believe, however, that this has been the plan since day one.

“Return?” Anthony corrected, “The Empire has ruled the roost since day one stepping into the state if Texas. This Empire doesn’t crumble; this Empire only gets stronger and stronger.”

“The Empire always exceeds expectations,” Riviera said, “and the impact that we’ve had on Lone Star Championship Wrestling, on so many levels, has always defied the conventional wisdom of what a wrestling group can be. Today, The Empire is leading the wrestling world in so many areas – from in-ring performance to talent development – that wrestlers and promoters from across the globe are finding that The Empire knows what they’re doing. The Empire is poised for tremendous growth as we proudly represent the bloodline global elite that is the leading force in all aspects of a one world order.”

What exactly does Riviera mean when he says “talent development” and “tremendous growth?” What do the Empire have in store for Lone Star? We know that they will be in the building on Saturday, September 26 but for what purpose?

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