Why, Barbi, Why?

Updated: August 18, 2015

In the history of professional wrestling, allegiances have usually proven temporary rather than permanent, personal relationships even more so. Yet at Lone Star Championship Wrestling, one constant has always been Houston Carson and Barbi Hayden. Long been the true power couple of Texas wrestling, the pair have risen through the ranks together, succeeded and failed together and pushed each other to be the best in their respective divisions. It seemed that for at least this once, true love really did belong in the squared circle.

Perhaps that is what makes what happened on August 15 so shocking. Following her successful defense of the Lone Star Women’s Championship against Kenzie Sykes, Hayden was congratulated by “Loverboy” Matt Riviera of the Empire, a man who has had no qualms in showing his interest in her. Displeased by this was Carson who after confronting Riviera was blindsided by Greg Anthony and the rest of the Empire. The Empire brutally took a chair to the knee of Carson, which was previously injured in a match against Gene Snitsky in July. Rather than attempt to defend her longtime boyfriend, Hayden instead delivered a slap to the face of Carson that rang in the air of the VFW and stood proudly with the Empire.

The question of the hour is simply, why? Was it a professional decision? Barbi’s career has skyrocketed over the last couple of years, during which time she captured championships and competed all over the country and the globe, recently dazzling crowds in Canada, Mexico and China.

By contrast, Carson has had a rough summer at Lone Star. In May, he lost the Lone Star Heavyweight title to John Saxon, who even now continues to mock “the Texas Lion,” even going so far as to declare himself “the Big Game Hunter.” Then in July, after his originally scheduled match failed to take place, Carson doubled down on disappointment with the injury during an impromptu match against Snitsky, an injury now surely aggravated by the attack from the Empire.

Or was it more than a case of “work got in the way?” How much did the Empire, and more specifically, Riviera, have to do with this? It’s no secret that Riviera has had his eye on Hayden for some time, but after Saturday night one must wonder if Hayden now has her eye on him. Riviera would certainly have you believe the latter.

“Relationships are an interesting thing in which there are always a clear winner and loser,” he said. “Unfortunately in this case, Houston Carson was the loser. Barbi is happier than ever and I, as well as The Empire, look forward to taking her career to the next level. We want what is best for everybody and in this situation what’s best for Barbi is me.”

Hayden claims the move was made in order to put the spotlight on where it apparently belongs – on her.

“I’ve always been in Carson’s shadow at Lone Star,” Hayden said. “For five years, I’ve always been ‘Carson’s girlfriend’ and I’m better than that. What better way to prove that than join a group who, like me, are always winning, like the Empire?”

While obviously heartbroken, Carson isn’t going to take this lying down.

“Barbi and I have been through everything together,” he said. “We trained for this business together. We’ve traveled thousands of miles and starved together. We built a life together. For her to turn on me for selfish reasons has broken my heart. All I can do at this point is get healthy again so that I can get revenge on the entire Empire and show them that hard work and passion will beat money and greed every time.”

While Carson plans out his immediate future, it is known that all three members of the Empire will be in action on Saturday, September 26 at the VFW in Cypress, TX. Hayden will defend her Lone Star Women’s title against the debuting Candice LeRae and Riviera and Anthony are scheduled to defend the Lone Star Tag Team titles. Tickets and information are available at www.lonestarwrestling.com and www.facebook.com/lonestarchampionshipwrestling.